Steve Klink

Steve Klink's CD: Places to come from, Places to go Press Highlights

"His new record Places to come from, Places to go proves that Steve Klink is a man of the extraordinary..."
Jazzpodium Interview

"You must hear this record, to experience it and to tell others about it. Steve Klink interprets 15 songs of Joni Mitchell and enhances them with a new point of view, with new horizons and new charm. That's it. Buy it, feel good about it and enjoy. With no regrets."
Music Outlook

"...A real work of the heart..."


"Klink creates unbelievably convincing new versions of these songs. He does this boldly emphasizing an Afro-American sensibility. He plays the blues, he swings and does the gospel thing, be it on piano, Hammond B-3 or Fender Rhodes: remarkably effective."
Märkische Allgemeine

"A completely successful album..."

"Gripping, melodic, modern...a predominantly swinging portrait in jazz."

"...[He] establishes the songs in a new context. And so they shine in a typical Klink sound, swingy, bluesy, romantic and, newly, completely funky...With Places to come from, Places to go Steve Klink stays loyal to his philosophy: no over-intellectual experiments, the music has to groove...finger-snapping good. Whether swing or blues it sounds beautifully harmonic and does you good..."

"...[Klink] uncovers surprising new aspects of songs like "Ray's Dad's Cadillac", "Big Yellow Taxi", or Joni Mitchell's most covered song "Both Sides Now"...With a sensitive touch and empathy on the one hand, and a funky conciseness and soulful groove on the other..."

"Touching in a very honest way."
Fono Forum

"Fifteen harmonious miniatures were created at these three sessions in Köln, Iowa City and Slovenj Gradec; this music will bring delight to many more than just the fans of Joni Mitchell."

"A CD that unearths the possibilities that hide in the great compositions of Joni Mitchell."