Steve Klink's CD: Feels Like Home Press Highlights

"Simply superb!"
Image HiFi


"[Feels Like Home]... is a cool, crazy, modern, sparkling, luminous record. It swings and jazzes and proves again that deep inside we are all jazz-lovers. Caution! Extremely infectious! This record you will love to be infected by and you will soon be infecting others. Enjoy it. Let go. Catch it..."

"...Mr. Klink has thoroughly suceeded and I would really like to thank him personally. This record has everything: enthusiasm, spirit, passion, melancholy and a love of simple but ever-changing melody."
****** (six of six stars)

Feels Like Home:
**** (four of four stars)

"...And how this record works!...Klink lets Oscar Peterson and Randy Newman give each other a fine toast at the bar..."
Die Welt

"Feels Like Home... is the name of the most beautiful homage to Randy Newman...following in Newman's footsteps Klink shows himself to be a master of reduction to the bare essentials, to a special mood...pianistically this expresses itself with a crystal-clear attack and rolling embellishments of brilliant playing, stylistically between Ramsey Lewis and Oscar Peterson..."
Klassik Heute

"To bring it to the point: 'Feels Like Home' shows an exquisite piano talent with great potential."

"...14 classic Newman songs radiate a relaxed jazz atmosphere, supported only by bass and drums. The concept of reduction is right on. For great music doesn't always require great extravagance."
**** (four stars)
For Him Magazine

"That Steve Klink has found a fresh way to play Randy Newman's material, makes this recording almost perfect."
Der Schallplattenmann sagt

"A great recording, also sound-wise"
**** (four of five stars)

"[Feels Like Home]...These interpretations bring a stimulating, new perspective to the refined, solid and succinct compositions of Randy Newman."
Frankfurter Rundschau Magazine

"Clearly stated:...Klink lets Newman's blues-drenched harmonies, his daringly sluggish tempos and his best piano phrases sing with an unbelievable sound."
Die Woche

"Steve Klink takes us on a musical adventure and just like Newman he can make us laugh or he can bring tears to our eyes..."

"A total success!"

Can this work? [jazz versions of Randy Newman songs]. It totally works... because [Steve Klink] has a great feeling for Randy Newman's pure musical world."

"A quiet, very deeply felt album."
Kurier am Sonntag (Bremen)

Remarkable what a strongly developed sense for space and time the trio had on that studio day: every nuance can be finely heard. Klink's sensitive work lets the compositions of the great Newman shine in a completely new light."

"On Feels Like Home pianist Steve Klink has achieved something even more: he has managed to transform the emotional and intellectual compositions of American songwriter Randy Newman to a jazz context, without the songs' verbal element." Interview with Rainer Gußrich

"What has come out of this unusual jazz project is an infectiously swinging record, relaxed, but presented with a lot of humor. Without a doubt a great addition for your home's jazz collection."
***** (five of six stars)

To conclude: Feels Like Home is a tribute album that should set the standard. Instead of merely repeating, Steve Klink uses great imagination and innovation... interesting for everybody, not just jazz fans or Randy Newman fans..."

"Feels Like Home is a very romantic record with a good atmosphere; it swings in a relaxed way and in its sparseness reaches the highest level of quality."
OWL am Sonntag (Bielefeld)

"Steve Klink has done it!"

"Steve Klink, the American piano player from the Midwest, understands the 'moods' of Newman and can convey them to the jazz trio context."

"... Because of Klink many jazz fans have paid more attention to Newman's repertoire..."

"A well-made album with a relaxed vibe..."

"A totally unobtrusive, very listenable jazz record between mainstream and a painted landscape of sound."
Hamburger Abendblatt