Steve Klink

Steve Klink's CD: Blue Suit Press Highlights

"...the most remarkable debut album of the year..."

"Klink showed us with his debut Blue Suit that he's got the swing, now we also know that he's totally funky..."

"Best CD of the week...Best groove from Germany."
RTV TV supplement

[Blue Suit] "Totally recommended!"
Prinz Köln

"A great blues/gospel trio record in the groove of the 50's and 60's...today you can never hear it enough. Catchy, groovy, hip. Timeless."

"Steve Klink's CD debut Blue Suit in trio with bassist Henning Gailing and Drummer Gregory Hutchinson is more than an authoritative beginning of a talented newcomer. Recorded in October 1997, this recording shows indirectly, in a convincing way, that the common denominator of musical quality is based on the fun each member has on his own instrument. The jazz tradition begins to live again, with passion..."
Ralf Dombrowski

"On Blue Suit...Klink plays piano in a wonderful, sparkling, swinging way. Totally unpretentious, simply beautiful."
Express Köln

"From melancholic to euphoric, always a warm piano sound...with exhilaration and humor...a totally successful and sparkling album..."

"[Klink] packed everything into his first CD that makes the blood start to boil: blues, folk, gospel, funk. A pure joy to listen to."

"When you hear the record Blue Suit you can understand why a lot of experts predict a brilliant career for this jazz piano player"
Hamburger Abendblatt

"[On Blue Suit] jazz does not stand up to its negative reputation: it is not intellectual at all, instead it's groovy"
Live in Concert

"Especially a CD like Blue Suit has this fine, easy sense of swing from the good old days of jazz, a sense that usually gets completely lost in the heady, brainy productions of today. It doesn't bother Klink if someone wants to complain about his style being too popularistic. Whoever can be musically so convincing and still find the pulse of the people will someday determine the future trend of music himself."

"Vitality and the joy of playing provide the foundation of this swinging trio production..."
Jazz Podium